About Us

Our Story

A narrative about the inception of TulsaHBCU, its vision, and milestones

Mission Statement

Building Tulsa’s HBCU Ecosystem: Connecting Communities, Cultivating Culture, Championing Education.

Our Mission

An expanded version of the mission statement, detailing the objectives and the impact on the community.

HBCU Recruiters

Information for HBCU recruiters on how to participate in the college fair and other recruitment opportunities, with a contact form.

TulsaHBCU Video Highlights

Discover the energy, passion, and pride of our Tulsa HBCU community through our video highlights. Experience the unity of the Divine 9 strolls and the exhilarating high stakes of the dominoes and spades championships.


James Killer

Founder, Edilta

Lucy Melisa

Founder, Edilta

Melisa Rock

Lead Designer, Payol

Fredric Martin

Lead Designer, Payol

Agaton Ronald

Developer Expert

Laura Bryant

Developer Expert

Devid Arone

Founder, Cards

Henri Robert

Founder, Cards

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